Nettie's Country Bakery Is Baking Up Special St. Patrick's Day Treats

Irish Soda Bread Make's It's Appearance

St. Patrick's Day is always a special time here at Nettie's. That's because it's the one time of year that we take our Irish Soda Bread recipe out of the vault and get baking.

Okay, we lied. There's no vault. There's just a book of recipes accumulated over the years. But this is one of our favorites. Nettie used to make this Irish Soda Bread each year for her family and we knew it would be a special part of every St. Patrick's Day at the bakery.

We make batches each weekend for the month of March, and the community goes through hundreds of them! Enjoy it alone or, for a special treat, toast a slice and add some butter. Yum!

Boozy Bites Have Their Time To Shine

Our boozy brownie bites have been a St. Patrick's Day hit for a couple of years now. This year, we have a couple of new flavors joining our Bourbon and Irish Cream Bites. We've been hard at work with Blue Point Brewing Company on our new flavors - Imperial Sunshine Brownie Bites and Oatmeal Stout Brownie Bites.

Imperial Sunshine is a new blonde ale brewed with orange peel for a bright refreshing taste. We've gone to great lengths to pack this citrusy flavor into a brownie bite. First, we turn the ale into a beer jelly (a treat in its own right.) Then we mix this and some reduced ale right into the batter. The bites are dipped in milk chocolate and topped with lemon and orange rind. The result is a citrusy bite with a definite kick - just like the Imperial Sunshine.

Oatmeal Stout - a throwback flavor from Blue Point - is a dark and rich beer that's a perfect complement to our fudgy bites. We reduce the beer down to remove the liquid and hone in on the flavor and then mix it right into the batter. We dip each bite in milk chocolate and top it with a crushed old-fashioned pretzel. It's the perfect bite for any beer lover!

We hope to see you this (and every) St. Patrick's Day to enjoy these special treats!

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